Emily Leclerc
Emily Leclerc // Art Director + Designer

Tai Pei // NSAC

Insight: Traditional eating habits are a thing of the past for young millennials.

We will leverage the idea that someone has been controlling the way we eat, and position Tai Pei at the forefront of the rise for freedom. 


Strategists - Emma Pindell (Strategy Director), Benson Wink, Ben Neal, Colleen Cass, Rachel Benner

Art Directors - Myself (Co-Creative Director), Tucker Stosic (Co-Creative Director), Kevin Camacho, Devyn Holbrook, Jasmine Tran

Videographers - Kyra Bailey, Key Higdon

Writers - Mac Mullen, Tim Farah, Talia Bootz

Media Planners - James McAndrew (Media Director), Hailey Geller, Emma Hyman, Emily Sarale, Ashley Graves, Cailin Wolf